​BUSINESS Planning

Business planning is about results. You need to make the contents of your plan match your purpose. Allow us to formulate a plan that works for your business to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key points, and prepare for problems and opportunities. A business plan is vital for running a business, whether or not the business needs new loans or new investments. Businesses need plans to optimise growth and development according to priorities.

Financial analysis

​It is important for business owners and company managers to gain insight from an examination of their company financial statements, which can be invaluable. Such insights help businesses improve their profitability, cash flow, and value. Contact us today so we can help you improve your business profitability. 

RIsk management

Risk is the main cause of uncertainty in any organisation. Thus, companies increasingly focus more on identifying risks and managing them before they even affect the business. The ability to manage risk will help your company act more confidently on future business decisions. Your knowledge of the risks you are facing will give you various options on how to deal with potential problems. Connect with us today so we can identify these risks and devise a suitable strategic course of action for you. 

human resource planning

​Many critically important small business functions are covered under human resources, including hiring, firing, payroll, employee training and standards setting. With well-researched human resources plans, owners of small businesses can address these responsibilities while also preparing the company for future growth by finding and retaining top talent. Allow us to devise a comprehensive HR planning strategy for you to ensure that your business continues to grow effectively.

succession planning

​Succession planning is the identification of job vacancies that can be expected to occur through retirement or attrition and the strategic consideration of where and how internal candidates might fill those vacancies. It involves assessing job requirements and skills of existing employees and then seeking to fill the gaps between needs and skills with targeted training and development activities. Come to us today so we can formulate and implement an effective succession plan for you. 


What we do

At Business Max, we work to provide clients with the best of our collective thinking, experience and solutions to build public trust and enhance value for our clients and their stakeholders. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Modules
  • Business Structures
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Production Economics
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Value Added Ventures
  • Tax Preparation

Business Analysis

From strategic management consulting through to project execution, our services deliver value for money outcomes. Business Max is known to improve client business analysis capability through organisational development, whilst also providing business analysis services to execute the business analysis activities to deliver project deliverables.

INDIVIDUAL Tax Preparation

Business Max Consulting Inc. works with individuals, offering expert tax planning and preparation services.

Financial management

​Financial management of your business encompasses more than keeping an accurate set of books and balancing your business checking account. You must manage your finances so you don’t overspend and so you remain prepared for all expenditures, as well as profit distributions. Your financial management responsibilities affect all aspects of your business. Let us financially analyze your business to ensure that your finances are being managed efficiently. 

production economics

Economic well being is created in a production process, meaning all economic activities that aim directly or indirectly to satisfy human needs. The degree to which the needs are satisfied is often accepted as a measure of economic well being. Come to us so that you can sit back while we ensure that you are in an economically sound state. 

marketing strategy

​Because one aspect of a marketing plan affects all of the others, coordinating your activities is critical to eliminating interference and maximizing your profits. Let us devise a marketing strategy that looks at all of the areas of your selling activities that helps each one support the next, making sure all of your departments are aware of what each is doing. Understanding how to create an integrated marketing strategy will help you make better individual decisions regarding specific marketing tactics.

value added ventures

Starting a new business can be a crucial step for any entrepreneur. The entrepreneur launches the enterprise and works to establish it while simultaneously validating or invalidating the assumptions. Because some will be dead wrong and others partially wrong, an important goal of the business plan must be to continually produce and build on new knowledge. Connect with us today so we can help you plan launching your new business venture.